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  • Item arch dream  3 2014-07-17
    Bureau Arch group will take part in the Picnik Afisha on this Saturday, July19. Schusev State Museum of Architecture provided a platform for the implementation of the ideas of various architectural teams. We'll present our pavilion named "Architect's dream"Details on our Facebook page, Schusev State Museum of Architecture portal and  Picnik Afisha official website.

  • Item head pic01.jpg.wm 2014-07-07
    Bureau Arch group took part in the TV show "Kvartyrny vopros". Japanese aesthetics, clean lines, multifunctionality and endless stream of positive energy between the owners and their new kitchen in our project! Details on the portal peredelka.tv, full release here.

  • Item          2014-07-04
    Bureau Arch group is among the finalists of the open competition for the architectural concept of reconstruction Bakery-Confectionery Plant "Prostor" - the first in the modern history of Moscow competition for industrial architecture! Details on the portal ARCHCOUNCILofMOSCOW!

  • Item 3 2014-06-10
    Projects of members of the second stage of the national competition for the reconstruction of the swimming pool of Luzhniki Olympic Complex have been publicized! Details on the Arhsovet Moscow portal.

  • Item                    2014-05-28
    Innovation Center of Russian Olympic Committee opened in Moscow! Details on the First Channel. We were delighted to work on a such great project!

  • Item logo short 2014-04-14
    We are accepted for the second round (project-conceptual round) of the International competition for elaboration planning concept of the development of the historic part of Kaliningrad city core.
    "Heart of the City” is a long-term town planning project aiming to provide a system-based solution to the problem of the historic centre of Kaliningrad. 
    Popadin Alexander, director of City Planning Bureau "Heart of the City" established by the regional government for the long-term project of regeneration of the historic center, and executive secretary of the competition Oleg Skvortsov talked about competition on "Business Breakfast" at the "Russkaya gazeta".

  • Item    2014-04-10
    Arch group in collaboration with CROC company took part in the "SPORT" exhibition (All-Russian Exhibition Center, March 25-27). A detailed report about the architecture and advanced IT systems fusion in the name of sport you can find here.

  • Item 10001509 427530384057217 1081480708 n 2014-04-06
    Arch group will take part in the discussion draft Я ДЕЛАЮ / I DO - a series of open public debate with architects and invited opponents - reputable architects, architectural critics and theorists. On April 10 at 19:00 Michael Krymov will have a talk with Elena Gonzalez on "SuperTasks and SuperSolutions in modern architecture". The first four manifest of young architects who decided to become a part of the school MARSH discussion draft Я ДЕЛАЮ / I DO.