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  • Item 20140925 195832 2014-09-29
    We are happy to announce that Arch group bureau took the 3rd winning place at the ceremony of Museum of Science Fiction pavillion project international competition. Our project can be found here. Other projects are avaliable on competition official website.

  • Item         .                    20 2014-09-26
    Arch group bureau is among the finalists of "Prostor" Baking Factory reconstruction concept competitionOur project can be found here. The rest of the works are avaliable on archi.ru

  • Item mosf 2014-09-15
    Arch group bureau has been chosen as a finalist of a competition arranged by Museum of Science Fiction, Washington DC, for its new pavilion construction concept. Our project can be found here. The rest of the works are avaliable on competition official website.

  • Item krymov  left  and goryainov 285 1 2014-09-10
    Architecture in Moscow, its weak points and perspectives, as seen by Mikhail Krymov and Alexey Goryainov on INTERIOR EXPLORER.

  • Item       2014-09-04
    The creative meeting with Mikhail Krymov will be held on 10th of September at 18:00 at the Expostroy Center of Design and Interior. Mikhail will speak about the experience of creating his own studio, formats of participation in major government projects and much more. The event is organized by Arсhdialog.

  • Item 15135 2014-08-29
    Mikhail Krymov on Moscow suburban areas development. Details are to be found on Строительсво.RU industrial magazine webpage.

  • Item          2014-08-13
    Arch group bureau is directly involved in the reform of the capital's cultural centers. Izvestia newspaper has collected material about the projects of new cultural spaces. Click here for details.

  • Item arch dream  3 2014-07-17
    Arch group bureau will take part in Afisha Picnic this Saturday, July the 19th. Schusev State Museum of Architecture provided a platform for the various architectural teams' ideas implementation. We will present our pavilion named "Architect's dream"Details are on our Facebook page, Schusev State Museum of Architecture portal and Afisha Picnic official website.